Luna Domes

‘Connecting you with nature - in luxury’

Luxury Geodesic Dome

Sumptuous furnishings, fresh air, glorious sunrises and cosy nights all set within beautiful natural surroundings - that’s Luna Domes.

Whilst taking a break in the Alps, Dan Co-founder of Luna, came across a cosy dome site, which sparked an idea! The vision of using a ‘glamping philosophy’, but with a unique dome style offering. Dan’s long-term friend Johnny Palmer, loved the idea of the project, and they began their journey to build one of the UK’s most luxurious and comfortable Glamping sites.

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The geodesic dome structure affords a natural flow and feeling that is like no other experience you’ve seen in hotels or camping. Natural wood-burning fires mixed with panoramic views and sumptuously soft furnishings merge the best of luxury hotel accommodation, with the nature-connection of camping, all with the home comforts you expect.

A large part of any experience is location. It was important for Dan & Johnny to pick a site that was surrounded in a natural location for privacy and outdoor activities, had extensive onsite amenities and was close to other visitor locations such as pubs, restaurants and tourist attractions. Luckily our vision and brand was so strong that we are regularly offered sites to partner with so we have plenty to choose from.

The founders

Meet Dan & Johnny

Daniel Kenney

Dan is a seasoned traveller, and having lived in France & Spain, loves being active, hands-on and creative. He’s also very technical, so the idea of creating a guest experience that was based outdoors in bespoke hand-made structures, in challenging locations that he could share with others, was a dream come true. Having worked hard at an early age, Dan founded and created businesses in the events & hospitality sector. This allowed him to start Luna Domes as a project of passion rather than a money driven enterprise. Dan enjoys travelling, keeping an active and healthy lifestyle and anything to do with building and the outdoors. He also speaks Fluent French which comes in handy for a few guests!

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Johnny Palmer

Johnny grew up on a farm in rural Tasmania, giving him a deep connection with outdoor living. Although a busy founder and investor, it’s not uncommon to find Johnny wild camping outdoors in any weather with just a sleeping bag, if that. Johnny has a huge passion for inspiring projects, such as his de-commissioned luxury 727 private jet, repurposed into a meeting space and office, or his renewable energy company that aims to prove you can do anything with Solar & Air that other energy sources can be used for. Johnny is even more techy than Dan which shows with many of the design elements in the dome, such as the cantilever decking platforms and the unique mezzanine bed structure found inside.

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